How to Dance Better

Are you wondering how to dance better. At Learn Club Dance, we belive that anyone can learn how to dance better, even if you thought you had two left feet, and even if you never thought it was possible. Our secret to dance better? Read on below. . .

Act confidently on the dance floor and others will instantly regard you as better dancer.

Keep your eyes focused on your partner. If you are dancing alone, or with a group of your friends, don't look down at your feet. By keeping your head up high, you'll project an untouchable air of confidence that everyone around you will find attractive and sexy.

Forget about what anyone might be thinking of you and don't pay attention to anyone around you. In most clubs, only 1% of people are actually bad dancers, but nearly 50% think they are bad.

You can dance better simply by looking around the room for inspiration. Find someone you think is dancing well and mimic their moves.

Find a few basic moves that you are good at and keep coming back to them. You'll feel relaxed and comfortable knowing there are a few moves you look good doing.

At Learn Club Dance, we teach you to dance better by teaching you over 40 different dance moves that you can learn easily. And we do not teach you routines or choreography. We teach you moves that you can change up and make your own

Learn more on our homepage, check out a free video preview of the dance moves we have to offer, and let us know what you think. Hurry, you can learn to dance better at right away!

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