Our promise to you at Learn club Dance is to break down all of our dance moves step by step

As dance instructors with years of teaching experience, we knew it was important to explain each move with enough detail that every beginner would learn how to dance. our strategy? We combed through hundreds of different dance moves to find the most important dance moves for beginners.

With over two hours and nearly fifty different dance moves, we transform you from a beginner to a pro step by step.

First, we teach you hip movements that are the foundation for the rest of the dance moves you will learn. These moves are easy to learn and you can use them in parties and other social situations.

The next step is to teach you how to use your hands to accentuate each movement and give your dancing a fuller and more natural look. Then come some fun booty moves that we teach you in our fool proof method. In this section, you will learn how to grind like Usher, how to shake your booty like Beyonce, and how to pop your behind like Britney Spears.

The next section teaches you even more advanced moves that use your hips, chest, and booty all at once. From there, you will learn even more involved dance moves that you have seen in your favorite music videos.

We do not stop there. In the next step, you will learn to put together all of the dance moves you have learned by using special transitions. Then you will learn four different mini routines that show you how to put it all together in fun little routines that you can use when you go out.

Below is a preview of some of the danc moves you will be able to do after you complete our online dance lessons!

How is each dance move broken down step by step?

Here is how it works: First, you will be able to see each dance move at full speed, so you will be able to see how it was intended to look. Then we explain the dance moves step bt step by focusing on every body part seperately, and then putting it all together. For those that want to skip ahead, our specially designed menu gives you the freedom to skip to any dance moves you would like to learn. we use three different cameras to show you how it looks from as many different angles as possible. With so many years of dance teaching experience, you can rest assured that you will be able to learn all of the dance moves in our video.

How is this video different from all of the rest?

Our instructional videos are different than practically every other video on the market precisely because of our strategy to teach you all of the dance moves step by step. While most videos (and dance classes) teach you choreography, we teach you dance moves instead.

Check out our free dance lessons by signing up to the mini sexy dance course on your right, or go straight to the DVDs and check our another video preview at www.learnclubdance.com!

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