Learn how to shake those hips

So many dance styles and moves all start with learning how to shake your hips. That is why I have decided to break down this essential part of dancing, and teach you how to move your hips easily and smoothly.

First, position yourself looking at a mirror, with your feet and legs about shoulder width apart.

Place your hands on your chest and feel your rib cage. Then lean your upper body to your right side with out moving your feet. You will feel your hips stretching as you complete your lean.

Use your hands to keep your upper body in the same position and check in the mirror to make sure your chest is not moving. Repeat the same motion leaning left and practice rotating sides until you start to feel comfortable.

Then, try to raise your right hip by using your toes. Start by bending your right leg and then raise yourself so that you are on your tiptoes while elevating that right hip.

Finish the move by relaxing your right leg and your hip will follow naturally. Try doing the same thing with the left leg. Practice switching back and forth until you can feel a "popping" motion. If this sounds complicated, have no fear. In Sexy Moves For The Club, I show you exactly how to go from having "frozen hips" to being "a shakira dancing machine." If you want to learn how to shake those hips, click here to learn to dance right away.

Once you learn how to shake your hips, you will be able to dance salsa, hip hop, ballroom, and practically every dance style much easier. I hope this helps! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions and make sure you check out my video for more dance lessons and specific step by step instruction.

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